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If you are in the process of developing a commercial real estate project, Land Master Contracting Ltd. is the best choice for making your landscapes look great. Our dedicated team of experienced landscaping professionals can work with your existing architects to install the perfect plants for your real estate. Not only that, we strive to provide the most consistent planting service around by bringing the same high standard of quality to every job we take. We are also happy to provide our top-notch services at economical price points.

Over our years in business, we have established a reputation in the area as the foremost landscaping experts. Experience what many developers in the area already know, and call us today at (647) 921-4242 for fast and friendly service.


Comprehensive Landscaping and Planting Services

We have what it takes to make your landscape look its best. Whether you are looking for a new tree or perhaps some flowers to spruce up your property, we have you covered. Our landscaping experts have the experience and the keen eye to provide you with plants that will compliment your property, making it look inviting. Some of the ways we can help complete your development project include:

  • Street tree planting
  • Storm management pond planting
  • Urban area planting
  • Buffer planting
  • Shopping center and industrial area planting
  • Naturalization planting
  • And more

These are just a few of the ways that we can provide you with beautiful and functional additions to your real estate. Drop us a line to speak with an expert and get the ball rolling.

Land Master Contracting Ltd. Sod Installation

Dependable Commercial Planting

When you trust us to service your landscape, you can always count on receiving consistent and meticulous work. We pride ourselves on our commitment to always providing the same high-quality and balanced planting services on every job we take. What's more, we also work efficiently to make sure we finish your planting within the projected time frame. By the time we leave your property, you can be certain that your landscape has been given everything it needs to flourish.

Landscaping That Compliments Your Buildings

We are committed to making your property look its best. One of the ways we achieve this is by maintaining close communication with you and any other architects or engineers working on your real estate. We make sure to take the ongoing plans for your property into account so that all of the plants that we install are sure to enhance your landscape.

Highly Trained and Professional Landscapers

Our dedication to delivering the best planting services around means that every one of our staff has the training and experience to fully service your property. We make sure that all of our landscapers have the expertise and resources to make your landscape look fantastic. All of our staff has an extensive knowledge of plant material and what it takes to make any landscape blossom.

Experience Our First-Rate Planting Services

Make your property look amazing with a gorgeous new garden or other greenery from Land Master Contracting Ltd.. Our passionate landscapers are available to create balance and beauty on your property with professional planting. Give us a call today at (647) 921-4242 to learn more.